Flags making news around the world…

Flags are an emotive subject and never seem to be far from the headlines! Here are a just a few of the recent stories we have seen. Have your say below – please post a comment!

  • In the UK this week, hundreds of pubs have had to remove Saudi Arabia flags from their decorations, as it has caused offence to the Muslim population. Read more here.

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  • Can you have too many flags? A town called Chelmsford in the USA has been told by council that their display of US flags in honour of war veterans has too many flags… Here is the story.

4th July is fast approaching – order your US flag here!

  • And a final contentious story from home turf – The mayor of an Australian city has admitted that, at the request of a Chinese official, its local council got rid of a Taiwanese flag that some school students painted as part of an art exhibit. Ream more here.

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