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We can provide you with absolutely any flag. We hold a large number of the most popular flags in stock, but can manufacture any design of flag to your requirements. Whether it’s your family crest, the name of your boat, or a business flag, we can make it – just call us on 02 9838 7725 or email us. Flags are available in a variety of finishes. Standard flags that fly from flagpoles are available in printed knitted polyester, woven polyester (which is a heavier material) and fully sewn. Some designs of flag lend themselves to fully sewn better than others – we are happy to advise. We can also produce vinyl flag banners, suitable for banner poles. Any flag is available in any size. We can produce flags from 0.5 yards through to 24 yards (if the size of flags baffles you please visit our guide to flag sizing here). However, it is not possible to print a flag larger than 4 yards – for larger flags they must be fully sewn. Please contact us at for a quote or call us on 02 9838 7725