Choosing a flagpole

Here are some tips to help you find the flagpole that is right for you! Flagpole size? A good place to start when choosing a flagpole is the size of your pole. We offer flagpoles in sizes from 5.5m up to 25m, although admittedly we have yet to sell a 25m flagpole…The standard size tends to be a 6m pole with a 2 yard flag. However, larger areas generally require a minimum pole size of 9m or the pole can look a little lost. We have completed a couple of recent projects on large residential properties that warranted a 9m pole. Businesses, councils and RSL’s generally select a 9m or 12m pole for maximum impact. Before selecting any flagpole, please check with your local council as to any planning requirements for erecting your flagpole. Straight or tapered flagpoles? This is really a matter of personal taste, and to some extent budget, as the tapered flagpoles are slightly more expensive than straight due to the manufacturing process. Tapered flagpoles come with a mushroom shaped finial, whilst straight flagpoles come with a spear shaped finial. Internal or external halyard? The real benefit of an internal halyard is security as the halyard is enclosed within the pole and is only accessible via a secure hatch door. This helps prevent theft of your flag. Some might argue it also looks a little more premium than having the rope visible. Servicing an internal halyard can be a little more complex, but if the flag is raised and lowered gently, there should be little need for any servicing of the halyard. No halyard? Some of our flagpoles are designed to take banner style flags, and therefore have either a double rope system or an arm from which the banner flag hangs. Any variation of our straight flagpoles is available with a rotating arm. Flagpole composition & finish All of our flagpoles (except F arm flagpoles which are made from steel) are manufactured from marine grade aluminium, and we offer them in a variety of finishes. You can select from anodised (which has a metal appearance), your choice of powder-coating (so literally any colour you would like) or our standard finish is powder-coated white. Flagpoles / Banner Poles with arms As mentioned above, we can also provide flagpoles with banner arms. Options include a rotating arm, a fixed F shape arm (so two arms in the shape of a capital ‘F’), and a yard arm. Our F arm flagpoles are manufactured from steel as they need to be extra strong to withstand the wind. Flagpoles with arms require flags or banners with sleeves so please bear this in mind when selecting your flag to accompany your flagpole. Shipping We can ship flagpoles nationwide, please contact us for a quote. Obviously the logistics of shipping a large pole mean that it is more expensive, so please bear this in mind when making a selection. If you are in the Sydney area and ask us to install, shipping is included as part of the service. Unfortunately shipping costs vary depending on location so it is not possible for us to quote a flat fee for shipping on our website. Installation We can install flagpoles within 50km of Sydney, but full instructions on how to install are on our website here. Most landscapers would be able to install a flagpole and we are happy to offer advice if you would like to install yourself. If you would like us to quote for installation, please contact us with your address and we will be happy to send you a quote.