Installation guide

Aluminium flagpole installation guide:

1. Dig a foundation hole 900mm to 1m in depth and 400mm to 500mm in diameter.

2. Use a pre-mixed concrete – you will need about 6 bags. We recommend a minimum of 25MPA for the concrete. Bunnings sell an appropriate concrete.

3. When the hole is about half full, you can position the rag bolts roughly where you would like your flagpole to sit.

4. Pour concrete and fill the hole to approx. 100mm from the top.

5. Position the rag bolts so there is approx. 100mm of thread above the concrete, so that they are level with, or slightly above, the ground.

6. Make a note of the positioning of the bolts in relation to the base of the flagpole to achieve your desired orientation

7. About a week later, when the concrete has fully set, you can stand the pole.

8. Remove the top nuts and washers. The base plate has elongated holes so if you start with the rear two holes and push it up, it will then locate the front hole quite easily. The elongated holes act like a hinge.

9. Screw down the nuts and use a level to get it straight. There are nuts top and bottom which makes the whole process quick and easy.