Need help?

We all need a little help from time to time, and the team at Poseidon Poles and Flags is always on hand to help! However, you may want to browse some of our most popular topics here:

Installation guide:

If you would like to install your own flagpole, click here for instructions.

Flag sizes:

Rather confusingly, flags are sized in yards, so check out our flag size guide if you would like to know what the dimensions of a flag are in plain old mm.

Flagpole servicing:

We can solve most flagpole issues. Simply email a photo of your pole and a description of the issue to and we will do our utmost to give you a quote. Servicing starts from just $150. 

Flag guide:

There are numerous styles and types of flag. If you would like some help working out what finish or size of flag you need for your pole, check out our flag information page here

Selecting a flagpole:

If you would like some help determining the best pole for your needs, check out our selecting a flagpole guide here

Or if you would just rather talk to a human being, please give us a call: 02 9838 7725