Flag FAQs

If you are new to the world of flags, there are probably a few terms that will cause immediate confusion.

Hopefully our guide here will help you navigate your way and give you all the flag information you require!

Flag sizes

Flag sizes. Flags are traditionally sized in yards. This incredibly old fashioned means of measuring can be traced back to a law in Wessex, England, from the 7th century, and is recorded as having been used for measuring materials throughout history, hence its use in defining the size of a flag. We have translated the traditional yard measurements into mm for you in our flag size guide.

Flag finishes

Flags are also available in a number of finishes. Fully sewn flags are the best quality and are made from heavy bunting material with thinner applique material sewn on top to create the design. Not all flag designs lend themselves to a fully sewn finish, for example very complex designs, deigns that feature gradients of colour, or where specific pantone colours are required that may not be readily available in material form. However, a fully sewn flag does look fantastic and we would highly recommend this choice of finish where feasible. If you require a very large flag (bigger than 4 yards) the only means of production is fully sewn.

All of our fully sewn flags are hand sewn in Australia. Flags can also be printed on heavy bunting material, using screen printing. This method is only cost effective where 10 or more flags of the same design are being produced as the cost of setting up the screen is quite expensive. However, the end finish is a top quality material which can feature any design, no matter how complex. Screen printing is only available for flags up to 4 yards in size. We also supply digitally printed flags on lightweight polyester. These are the most economical type of flag, and we can print absolutely any design, including one-off designs. Most suitable for areas with little wind or indoor flagpoles. Bespoke design flags on knitted polyester can only be printed in sizes up to 4 yards.

Flag styles

There are also various options for flag styles. The traditional, and most popular flag style is a header with loops. This means that there is a material band along the short side of the flag with loops that attach to flag clips, which in turn attach to the halyard (or flagpole rope). If you have a banner flagpole, you will probably require a horizontal sleeve style. This means that there is a loop along the top edge of the flag (the long side based on a traditional flag shape) that will go over the banner arm. The other style of flag is a vertical sleeve, which is generally used for flagpoles with no halyard, e.g. our timber indoor flagpoles, with a sleeve along the left hand side of the flag, generally down the short side, based on traditional flag dimensions.

Size of flag according to pole size

Once you have translated the ancient art of sizing flags from the traditional yard measurements to the more modern mm measurements, you might want some guidance on which flag size will best suit your size of pole.

Obviously there is an element of personal preference, but here is our opinion:

Pole shorter than 6m: You would need a flag up to a maximum size of 1.5 yards if your flagpole is shorter than 6m otherwise you risk it draping along the floor, which kind of defeats the purpose of flying a flag.

6m flagpole: Ideal flag size for a 6m pole would be a 2 yard flag – the most popular size and a match made in heaven!

9m pole: You can just about get away with a 2 yard flag on a 9m pole but for maximum impact consider a 2.5 yard or a 3 yard flag.

12m pole: Ideally a 4 yard flag for a 12m pole, but a 3 yard would be sufficient. A 2 yard would look a bit like a pea on a plate, if you get our drift.

Larger than 12m: our largest printed flags are 4 yards, (this size of flag is 3.6m wide and 1.8m deep), but if you have a truly enormous pole (and we can supply up to 25m) you would need even larger than 4 yards, which means you would need a fully sewn flag. We can provide fully sewn flags up to 24 yards… not that anyone has ever ordered one!